We're a small town 'mom and pop' store with some big values that govern the way we do business. We believeā€¦

It's important to do more. We strive to be creative in meeting life's challenges, and we've taken that attitude into the way we do business. We're always trying to do things better, always trying to think outside the box to better serve our customers.

Service and experience make a difference. We believe in treating customers and co-workers, sales reps and vendors the way we would want to be treated. Bigger stores can offer volume sales, but we offer personal service and years of experience to help our customers get what they need when they need it.

A smile can be felt. We're not unrealistic, but there's a lot in life to smile about, and we try to communicate that to the people we work with. Humor flows through our business and makes the day better. "A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine."

With these values, and other big ones, too, we established the McCredy Company in 1999. It's been a learning and growing process, and we're still learning how to improve and growing in what we're able to offer our customers. We're looking forward to next year, and the next, and the one after that. We want to meet the challenges that lie ahead and to get better every day, because it's important to do more!